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Garden Project for Koi Pond

Koy Carp Pond Excavation in Wirral
Do you have a garden project in mind but not sure how to go about it? Unique Supa Shift created the space for this wonderful garden transformation in Wirral with a stunning Koi Carp Pond, find out how.

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Creating a Koi Pond in Wirral with Unique Supa Shift

A lot of people don’t realise that we do more than just remove building rubble. We offer a service like no other. 

Utilising our excavators and muckaway services we can transform a small untidy garden area into a beautiful zen garden to relax in. We did that for one such customer in Wirral who wanted a space to unwind and specifically wanted a Koi Carp Pond in their garden. 

In order to achieve this, we got our “mini digger with driver service” on the job to prepare the space to start the transformation. Here’s how this project began.

Our customer had a vision of converting their small garden into a much more tranquil space and specifically wanted a pond with Koi Carp in it. After viewing the area, Unique came up with some ideas to transform the space. This would involve a bit of excavation work and would require that we remove some of the soil using our Muckaway service which utilises our Grab Wagon to take the unwanted soil away.

Mini Digger for restricted access

Access to the garden area was very restricted, but this was no problem for unique, as our experienced drivers with our mini diggers can get through the average garden doorway, and so we set to work.

The first thing we needed to do was lower the level of the garden, which required using the digger to remove a large amount of soil. This would later be taken away using our Grab Wagon.

You can see below how much soil there was and so if you are doing a similar project, you may need a muckaway service to take it away. 

Creating a lowered garden area by removing the excess soil with our diggers

Once the level of the garden had been lowered, we had to dig a trench for the Koi Pond, this was to be no ordinary pond as you will see later in this blog. The trench needed to be level for the brickwork to begin (Another service was used for the bricklaying). Why would we need bricklaying for a Koi Pond I hear you ask, all will become apparent. Here is the initial trench that we excavated using our mini digger with driver service. The brickwork had begun.

Garden Lanscaping with excavator in Wirral

Once the brickwork had been completed, the inside of the pond was rendered, it’s certainly beginning to take shape

Koi Pond in Wirral Taking Shape

Once the brickwork had been completed, the inside of the pond was rendered, and it’s certainly beginning to take shape. The inside is fibre-glassed and made waterproof as can be seen in the image below

Waterproofing a brick koi pond in Wirral

The dream of a lowered garden area with an unusual but stunning Koi pond was now starting to become a reality. This was just an idea before the customer spoke with us. 

The addition of the stunning Koi carp and some bonsai trees really makes this area a beautiful and relaxing space to enjoy. It also gives the Koi a nice space to live in and thrive.


If you have a garden project and live in Wirral, Cheshire or Chester, then please call us, we’re more than just a grab hire company, we are Unique!

Transformed Wirral Garden with Koi carp

And we mustn’t forget the stars of the show – the Koi Carp, enjoy 🙂

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