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Driveway Preparation in Wallasey Wirral

Driveway preparation in wirral
Are you planning to convert your front garden to a driveway? Save time and money by using Unique Supa Shift

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Driveway Preparation in Wirral

We had a call from a customer in Wallasey, Wirral, who needed our operator with machine hire service. They wanted their front garden prepared to create a driveway.

In order to achieve this, 24 tonnes of soil and grass needed to be removed. Our operator used one of our mini excavators to achieve this. The soil and grass was then loaded onto our grab wagon for removal.

Driveways preparation using our mini digger with driver and our grab hire wagon for removal

After the soil and grass was removed

After the grass and soil had been removed in preparation for the driveway. We provided 16 tonnes of Type 1 MOT using our grab wagon.

Type 1 MOT delivered for driveway in Wallasey Wirral

The Type 1 MOT was then put back into the area where the grass and soil had been previously, completing the preparation for the driveway. This allowed our customer to be way ahead of schedule and ready for the next stage of the driveway.

driveway preparation completed wallasey wirral

We saved our customer time and money preparing their driveway

Our customer was very satisfied with our driveway preparation. We arrived on time, as we always do and managed to do everything that was required in one day.

Just think of the time and money saved by having us do all the work. The alternative could take much longer and cost a lot more money.

The alternative would have been much harder.

  • Dig up the soil and grass manually.
  • Hire a digger and spend time getting familiar with the controls and digging the grass and soil yourself.
  • Hiring a skip to put the soil and grass in and then waiting for collection.
  • Waiting for the MOT stone delivery
  • Laying the MOT stone yourself

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