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Back Garden Preperation in Prenton

Garden preperation in Prenton
The customer was fed up with a messy garden and hired us in to prepare the rear garden ahead of schedule for the Landscaping team.

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Preperation of a back garden in Prenton to prepare for the landscaping team.

The back garden preparation project in Prenton was a challenging task that required significant effort and expertise. The customer had grown tired of their messy garden and had hired a team to prepare the rear garden ahead of schedule for the landscaping team.

We had our diggers and drivers out in force working endlessly so that we could finish for the deadline we had been given. Digging out the trenches to lay the new electricity feed and prepare for the installation of new lamp posts.

breaking concrete

Our team arrived on site and assessed the situation. We discovered that the garden had ten tree stumps, lots of scrub, and heavy-duty concrete, some of which was up to eight inches thick in places. We knew that the task at hand was going to be tough, but we were determined to make the customer happy.

Our team worked endlessly to complete the job, and we put in a lot of hard work and sweat to get the job done. We started by removing all the tree stumps and scrub from the garden, which was a time-consuming process. Next, we tackled the heavy-duty concrete that was scattered throughout the garden. This was an arduous task, and we had to use a lot of heavy machinery to break it up and remove it.

In total, we shifted 54 tonnes of material from the garden, which included the tree stumps, scrub, and heavy-duty concrete. We also put in 16 tonnes of type 1 mot stone, which is a high-quality, crushed aggregate material that is used to provide a solid foundation for landscaping projects.

Despite the challenging nature of the task, our team was able to complete the job successfully, and the customer was pleased with the results. Another job was completed, and another happy customer was added to our list of satisfied clients.

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